Saturday, October 22, 2011

Adrienne Black’s 37 with a belt on dress, panties and bare, for leaving work

Told to bend over and brace herself for a belting,Adrienne Black is really in for it this time!

The naughty secretary watches as her Boss swings his leather belt in the air and aims it at her naked cheeks!

Adrienne's perfect bottom is belted a bright red!

Adrienne black may be stunning but it is not going to get her out of a wicked belting from her strict Male Boss!

Caught changing in his bedroom after leaving work early, gorgeous Adrienne Black has plans for an evening out. But as Mr Reed’s Secretary, she first has to bend over and present her bottom for a spanking with his belt! 16 on her tight black dress, 11 on panties and 10 bare: that must sting!


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